New Documentation Website

2024-01-21 16:42:42

All documentation for Ryandw11 projects will be centralized at the new docs.ryandw11.com. ODS and Ryandw11 Images have already made the move to the new documentation website. In the future Ryandw11 Documentation will allow individuals to make contributions to documentations.

The Kakara Project

2021-03-11 04:19:31

Check out the Kakara Project, which is a highly configurable mod-based game. It’s also an open-source voxel world with an extensive API and the ability to make anything.

Kakara Engine

The Kakara Engine is a 3D voxel game engine in the Java programming language. Check out addons and projects made with the Kakara Engine.

Major Changes

2020-08-13 04:12:06

This website has undergone many major changes. The largest change is the rename from TheVideoGameVillage (VillageTech) to just be my name (Ryandw11). For the time being www.thevideogamevillage.com still directs to this site; however, www.ryandw11.com is the new domain that you should use. Please note that repo.thevideogamevillage.com does not direct to the repository, please use repo.ryandw11.com instead.

Another change is in the theme. As you can see the default theme is now a dark theme with green as the main color instead of blue with a light theme. You can switch themes by selecting a different theme in footer of the page. Currently there are two themes: Dark (the default) and Light. More themes are likely to follow.

Other Changes:

  • Replaced Tutorials with a link to my GitHub.

  • Ryandw11

Website Improvements!

2020-06-18 06:49:17

The website has been significantly improved! There is now a news section to inform you about website news. Any new projects or updates will be posted here.

Full Change Log:

  • Updated Server Backend
  • Fixed Several Bugs
  • Added News Section
  • Added Support for HTTPS