City Sandbox

Current Version: Alpha 1.6

City Sandbox is a 3D sandbox game where you can design your own cities or buildings. City Sandbox was my first attempt at making a video game using the Unity engine. The game has been updated over time to add new features. The development of City Sandbox is, for the most part, complete. Very few additions will be added in the future.

Alpha 1.6 is the first update in over a year and introduces a bunch of new features into the game. It is important to note that old worlds will not work on the latest version of the game.

Previous Versions

Version Description Downloads
Alpha 1.5 Updated the buildings within the game. Windows - Mac
Alpha 1.3 Added World System Windows - Mac
Alpha 1.1C Massive UI Changes Windows
Alpha 1.1B The first version of the game! Windows

Pre-Built Worlds

With City Sandbox you can download the worlds of other people to play them. To add a world to your game you need to go to your AppData LocalLow on Windows. The directory for this is usually:


If you already have a world you can open up the Manage Worlds option on the title screen. On that menu you can select a world and click the Open in File Explorer button. That will open up the save folder in the background.

Name Description Download
Example City (Alpha 1.6+) An example city built in Alpha 1.6 to showcase the capabilities of the game. Download
Example City (Alpha 1.5 Only) An example city. Download

Source Code

View to source code on github!

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