Current Version: 1.0

This version of Tic-Tac-Toe is a GUI game coded in Java using JavaFX. This was originally created in 2020 as a private project and was released to the public in 2021. This game supports both Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

You can play the game by downloading the client version via clicking the client button above. After downloading it you can double click the jar file to open the game. Please note that Java 11+ is required to play the game.

Singleplayer Mode

The Singleplayer mode has a CPU with 3 different difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. As the name suggests, Singleplayer can be played offline with only the client.

Multiplayer Mode

There are two sub-modes within Multiplayer: Local and Online mode. Local mode allows you to player with another person on the same computer. Online allows you to connect to a server and play with anyone over the internet.

When using online multiplayer you can connect to a server with the connect or direct connect button. By default the connect button pings ryandw11.com for online servers. Ryandw11.com does not host online servers at this time meaning that you must connect to a server using direct connect. There you can enter in the ip address and port that the server is on.

The online mode prompt.

The Server

If you want to host your own server you can do so by downloading the server version. Unlike the client, the server version must be ran via the command line:

    java -jar server-1.0.jar

The server only requires Java 8 to run. When you run the command above it will prompt you to enter in a port. You can type any number you want as long as it is not being used up by another program. After that the server starts. You can enter in commands to view information like: the number of players and the number of games. To view all commands type help into the console. To stop the server type stop into the console.

The server prompt.

Source Code

View to source code on github!

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